Do you wake up with jaw, headache, and neck pain in the morning? Your jaw muscles are some of the strongest muscles in your body and many people clench unconsciously while they sleep.

It may be possible to alleviate this pain in one visit with the FDA-approved NTI appliance (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System or NTI-tss). A tiny, clear plastic device that fits over your front teeth makes clenching virtually impossible. This simple device separates your lower and upper jaw to release the tension in the muscles.

The NTI appliance reduces jaw tension more than other mouth guards, which merely absorb the tension created. This device helps stop the tension at the source, giving you the most relaxing sleep possible and reducing pain.

Experience a more restful sleep, protect your teeth and reduce nighttime clenching that can trigger migraine headaches with the NTI appliance.

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